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Our Statement on COVID-19

TransformBio continues to monitor the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential impact on our team, our partners and our business.

Presently, we can report no major disruptions.  We are complying with all local and federal instructions as it relates to the safety of our employees, patients, and citizens.  

We are exploring a COVID drug co-development partnership with strategic partners.     The strengths of our combined teams will enable a targeted and accelerated approach to developing an effective COVID therapy. 
Our science will be focused on repurposing existing approved bioactives with novel delivery and targeting.  Our research will be conducted in collaboration with partner universities in USA.      
We are expecting to have one of the most RAPID examples of accelerated drug development in the history of the company. 
More information will be published on this web site shortly.  
TransformBio Management Team 
May, 2020

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