State of Play

We are experiencing a “golden twenties” in science with breakthrough therapies in rare diseases, oncology, cell and gene therapy, and regenerative medicine, but…

  • Biotech and Big Pharma will bring a record number of NCEs and biologics to market

  • Precision-medicine at the core

  • Drug development model essentially unchanged since 1960ies intro of RCTs and evidence-based medicine

  • Prices for new drugs keep going up

  • Combined budget impact will put pressure on government and private payers

Opportunity to re-purpose and improve established therapies with novel drug design and delivery systems

  • Improve established therapies with novel drug design and delivery systems

  • Re-purpose known drugs based on new science; design new patentable molecules and delivery systems

Opportunity to transform drug development leveraging digital solutions

  • Established biopharma is conservative and without incentives to cut development costs

  • Many tech companies, incl start-ups, have individually novel digital solutions but fail to evolve into a decentralised ecosystem

  • Patient-centricity still not at the centre of the biopharma development model

Corporate Philosophy

Health Minister to Pharma CEO: “You need to be disrupted”

Conversation among Finance Ministers at OECD meeting: “We need Uberification of pharma”

Our beliefs

  • Alongside Big Pharma delivering from the frontiers of science, there is a need for a complementary model

  • The drug development model will not be changed through Schumpeter-like creative destruction; it has to change from within

  • Transformation of drug development can only take place taking forward real assets (molecules), not through wholesale A-Z transformation platforms or programs 

  • By making drug development go faster and at lower cost, we can help make drugs more affordable

Our plan

  • Using re-purposing and novel drug design and delivery systems to obtain patented assets

  • Assembling a decentralised ecosystem of big and small entrepreneurs to digitally transform the drug development model through virtual clinical trials and patient engagement through the whole life cycle

  • Keep assets together to leverage platform and ecosystem while seeking development funding from different biopharma and VCs, with different funding models.


End To End Orchestration
With Multi-disciplinary
“Dream Team”
Driving Virtual

Drug Development


Early Patient Engagement,

re-purposing, unmet needs


Novel Drug design and

drug delivery


Formulation, delivery



Virtual & decentralized

clinical trials


Patient reported outcomes,

digital tools for HCPs


Engage with pharmacies and emerging retailers

End to End Thinking