Corporate Philosophy

Health Minister to Pharma CEO: “You need to be disrupted”

Conversation among Finance Ministers at OECD meeting: “We need Uberification of pharma”

Our beliefs

  • Alongside Big Pharma delivering from the frontiers of science, there is a need for a complementary model

  • The drug development model will not be changed through Schumpeter-like creative destruction; it has to change from within

  • Transformation of drug development can only take place taking forward real assets (molecules), not through wholesale A-Z transformation platforms or programs 

  • By making drug development go faster and at lower cost, we can help make drugs more affordable

Our plan

  • Using re-purposing and novel drug design and delivery systems to obtain patented assets

  • Assembling a decentralised ecosystem of big and small entrepreneurs to digitally transform the drug development model through virtual clinical trials and patient engagement through the whole life cycle

  • Keep assets together to leverage platform and ecosystem while seeking development funding from different biopharma and VCs, with different funding models.